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My Executive Coaching, Non-Exec Director & Advisory services are based on a proven growth model documented in my 'Scale Up Millionaire' book. My goal is to provide VALUE and make a real DIFFERENCE to every client I work with. Every business has to make sales in order to grow and scale, but stats show over 90% of businesses fail to scale up successfully.
My passion is coaching and advising ambitious entrepreneurs & leaders on how to improve performance and be successful.

Clients & Testimonials
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Dr Simon B. Cutler
Business Relationship Manager

Knowledge Transfer Centre | University of Reading

"Gordon provided expert business mentoring and support to teams of postgraduate and postdoctoral students at the University aiming to hone their entrepreneurial skills through the Your Entrepreneurs Scheme (YES). YES is well established and has the backing of major players, attracting high-calibre teams from across the UK to compete for highly-coveted prizes at a Royal Society Final. Gordon’s commitment and expertise over a protracted period of time was invaluable and resulted in one of the teams winning a significant prize. The University’s Knowledge Transfer Centre and the student teams themselves are indebted to Gordon for his energy and dedication and hope to work with him again in the near future!"

Non-Exec Director


Non - Executive Director

  • Full service scale up advice covering all key areas - review, proposition, pipeline, performance, scale up, operating advice, exit opportunities, exit process & sale terms negotiations

  • Specialising in SAAS Tech companies with a B2B focus 

  • Successful NED experience advising resource management technology business Mason & Cook on scale up & successful exit in 2020 to BigHand

  • Strategic Scale up project at Hubshare which resulted in 2021 acquisition by M-Files, who are recognised in Gartner's 2020 Magic Quadrant

  • ​Trusted adviser with the experience & expertise to provide valuable insights, clarity & connections

  • ​Objective advice on strategy, performance, sales & marketing, operations, governance, personnel

  • Uses proven scale up model to benchmark, review & improve business performance 

  • ​Drive, determination and passion to make a real difference to the performance of client businesses

  • Personal style: "Gordon is engaging, passionate, modest yet searingly honest and 100% unafraid to expertly challenge opinionated Founders; indeed he is a pleasure to work with"

Abstract Futuristic Background


"Coaching is the silver bullet for those looking to stay ahead of the curve — the ability to adapt and change quickly is more important than ever."

Forbes Magazine 2022

  • Helping leaders to find clarity and focus, to help them achieve their goals

  • Coaching on managing time and energy better, to allow time to focus on the things that really matter

  • Building resilience to be able to better handle pressure, stress and challenges

  • Coaching on how to balance ambitious pursuit of goals with healthy mental well being

  • Performance coaching to focus on the activities and tasks that will make a tangible difference, instead of a 'results obsession'

  • Entrepreneurial coaching for rising star entrepreneurs on how to grow sales and achieve a successful scale up

  • Validated 'Scale Up Millionaire' 6 step scale up model to provide structure and focus for all coaching conversations​

  • Personal style: "Gordon is engaging, passionate, modest yet searingly honest and 100% unafraid to expertly challenge opinionated Founders; indeed he is a pleasure to work with"

“As mental health issues continue to rise, the demand for coaching increases. Accordingly, we’re witnessing a coaching renaissance — more people value professional development, personal growth and wellbeing balance.”

Gordon McAlpine, Forbes Magazine 2022

Scale Up Advisor

Scale Up Advisor

  • REVIEW, Assessment, Analysis, Report (online diagnostic tool to benchmark & flag key areas to be addressed)

  • ​IMPLEMENTATION of Scale Up recommendations 


  • 2020 end to end scale up strategic project at Hubshare which resulted in 2021 acquisition by M-Files, who are recognised in Gartner's 2020 Magic Quadrant

  • 2021 scale up review & strategy project at 'enterprise legal tech' rising stars Panoram on 'M365 for Legal' proposition & performance

  • 2022 scale up review and successful scale up project at low code no code technology rising stars Tangle (


For professional services firms keen to support scale up clients

Gordon’s Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR) service is focused on helping portfolio clients of VCs, PE houses & Professional Services firms to GROW and SCALE UP successfully. This service will help add value to current scale up clients and also attract ambitious new clients. Gordon partners with your professional services business as a trusted adviser – empowered to advise and support your key scale up clients, to ramp up the pace and level of success.

This is a unique scale up service to guide Founders, CEOs and management team on how to supercharge their business growth. A service which will also forge deep relationships between advisers and scale up businesses.

  • Elevate your profile from a passive adviser of your clients (services on request) to an active, supportive, partner of your clients

  • Build trust with clients and prospects with a nurturing, performance approach (not just results focus)

  • Improve probability of portfolio success – laser focus on growth

  • Practical, on point advice flowing to your key clients

  • Differentiation and compelling USP v your competitors

  • ROI many times in excess of cost - extra growth, revenues, valuations, loyalty

  • Putting yourself in the box seat to be instructed for big ticket M&A projects


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