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“Technology delivering meaningful value to my clients, is one of my passions. Throughout my working life, from my advisory roles to searching for new technology in Silicon Valley and Israel, I’m often asked “have you come across any exciting technology innovations recently?” I’m not easily impressed, and while there are a lot of ‘interesting’ things out there, often I’m underwhelmed by the quality of the latest solutions.


Occasionally though, I see some tech that gets me super excited! That is what this Tech section focuses on - a handful of hand-picked, game changing technologies that have the potential to make a genuine difference for organisations, governments and society itself.”

- Gordon McAlpine

Combining this with extensive LEGAL & LEGAL TECH experience, Gordon provides trusted advice to GLOBAL LAW FIRMS and the world’s LEADING ORGANISATIONS on best-in-class tech solutions. Current areas of focus include the following solutions which all embrace advanced AI functionality:

Reducing the financial, reputational, and data risk for law firms through cost-effective investment into AI & Deep Learning Technologies.

Gaining functionality and TCO benefits from the fastest growing data storage company in history

Cybersecurity ai solutions

As cyber-attacks grow in scale and sophistication, governments and organizations are struggling to adequately defend against them. Traditional cyber security sits at the perimeter, uses historical data about past attacks, and fails to catch the innovative, sophisticated threats that inevitably breach the defences. Having a comprehensive, unified cyber security platform across the entire digital business has never ever been more important. Yet complacency is the biggest threat to any organisation – the naïve belief that ‘we’ve got it covered’ or ‘we are unlikely to be targeted’

Cybersecurity AI

AI has the power to make a huge difference in this critical area (complementing human skills and interventions) as follows:

  • AI that actually works and delivers tangible benefits and value, not just promises them as part of some marketing spin

  • Machine Learning solutions learn quickly, adapt and take action against potential threats

  • Deep Learning takes machine learning to the next level (by analysing 100% of available data)  and is currently the best-in-class technology for cybersecurity AI tech

  • Deep Instinct ( is the deep learning tech game changer 

Deep Instinct

Dissatisfied with the available cybersecurity companies, Guy Caspi, Nadav Maman and Eli David (PhD) dedicated themselves to pursuing the uncharted territory of deep learning to find a security product that would stop even the most sophisticated types of attacks. Together, they founded Deep Instinct, the world’s first and only deep learning cybersecurity company. 

Taking this wildly innovative approach necessitated looking at things differently. Instead of looking for a cure, they looked to prevent.


And through venturing into the depths of deep learning, they developed an artificial neural network brain that holds an instinctive ability to identify attacks in just milliseconds. Doing so, with the highest rate of detections and minimal false positives. Deep Instinct prevents what others can’t find.


Jerome Powell,
Federal Reserve Chairman

"Cyberattacks are now the foremost risk to the global financial system, even more so than the lending and liquidity risks that led to the 2008 financial crisis."


Full protection, with a prevention first approach


Using deep learning, Deep Instinct offers a predictive threat prevention platform. The multi-layer protection is provisioned across pre, on, and post-execution stages. It is based on a prevention first approach, followed by detection & response, automatic analysis and remediation.

Unlike detection and response based cybersecurity solutions, which wait for the execution of the attack to react, DI’s advanced preventative approach proactively keeps customers protected by preventing the attack from entering and causing any damage.


Unlimited Protection


By using deep learning, Deep Instinct is able to predict and prevent any kind of threat – known and unknown – anywhere in zero-time. Every endpoint, server, mobile device, network and operating system is protected against any type of attack, be it fileless or file-based. This advanced approach to threat prevention ensures that attacks are identified and blocked before any damage can be caused.

Data Storage

data storage

A fresh approach with a cost effective solution that can handle AI data storage challenges


Data storage is a massive challenge in an increasingly digitised world, not only storing huge amounts of data, but being able to access it and derive value from it, in a cost effective way.

VAST is an innovative vendor who have something unique to offer in a solution which combines:


  • The simplicity of NAS, to make it easy to deploy and maintain

  • The performance of an all-Flash parallel file system, to keep GPUs always busy

  • The economics of an archive, to eliminate the economic penalty of all-flash

VAST’s unique position in the market is that they have singularly focused on driving down the delivered cost of All-Flash infrastructure, making it possible to build GPU infrastructure entirely on high-speed, scale out and (most important) affordable flash storage.

AI & Machine learning

Recent advances in machine and deep learning are moving GPU driven artificial intelligence applications from R&D labs and Silicon Valley startups into the computing mainstream. AI is presenting a new set of storage challenges that IT organizations have never had to deal with. Vast is currently working with several large financial and high frequency trading firms (as well as other consumers of AI workloads including Autonomous, Financial, Media Sectors, Pharma, Healthcare and Life Science’s ) to help them build more efficient and more affordable deep learning training infrastructure.


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